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LPN Jobs In Cleveland Ohio

There is not only a growing demand for LPN jobs in Cleveland Ohio but also in the entire US. In the US, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) job opportunities are expected to increase until 2014 owing to the expansion of health care services and the increase in the aging population. A large chunk of jobs can also be created when the existing licensed practical nurses climb up the career ladder as registered nurses and when they retire.

Although vacancies for these nurses are decreasing in hospitals, there is a huge demand for lpn jobs in Cleveland, Ohio in other health settings such as clinics. Demand for such nurses is expected to increase in home health settings, rehab centers and long term care institutions in the near future. A shift in such job openings is also expected from typical hospital settings to skilled nursing and home health care facilities in the future.

Today, a number of complex medical procedures are not performed within the hospital but in outpatient facilities; this leads to much less hospitalization following these procedures and has led to a massive drop in the demand for licensed nurses in the hospitals. Since these patients turn to long term care centers or their homes, such places are seeing a spurt in the vacancies for LPN’s.

In fact, Home health care is where the maximum number of LPN’s are offering their services. Today, the increased preference of clients to get health care in their homes is said to be the main reason for the growth in the number of home health care agencies.

The affordability and portability of technology has made it possible to offer medical treatments at home. This is also one of the reasons for the growth in LPN jobs in Cleveland Ohio. The aging population contacts the home health care agencies to get the assistance of licensed practical nurses who can offer them all kinds of support within the confines of their own home.

Lpn jobs in Cleveland Ohio will also be available in plenty in nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities in Ohio, as these places admit a number of disabled and aged individuals every year. The licensed practical nurse jobs at this type of setting are expected to grow at a faster rate than registered nurses jobs.

Overall, jobs for LPN’s are available for both new as well as experienced nursing graduates in Ohio. You can turn to long term care facilities and home health care agencies to get employment quickly if you are a licensed practical nurse in Cleveland, Ohio. Although the salary for an LPN is less than that of an RN, those with geriatric health certification and several years of experience can look forward to earning better hourly wages in all types of health care settings.

Even before their graduation from practical nursing programs, candidates are assured of lucrative LPN jobs with attractive benefits and salaries. A new nursing graduate can expect to earn around $12 to $18 per hour in Cleveland, Ohio. The salary range for an LPN in Ohio is between $25,340 to over $48,510 according to the U.S Department of Labor. LPN salaries for LPN jobs in Cleveland Ohio can differ from one place to another. It will depend on a number of factors such as job setting, shifts and hours worked, employer location and work experience.